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Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

3 thoughts about Legend of Korra season three “change” so far ((since I’m on episode 3 but I’ve already seen the season finally which is way strange)). 1.) Combustion chick is hot. 2.) Fire Lord Zuko’s dragon is the shit! 3.) It makes me sad to see Zuko old because I remember when he was born:(




is this a giant can of coke or just a little version of me, that you will never know 

Giant can of coke. you can see that the bottom of the can is flat, for starters. And then there’s the fact that the bottom is screwed on (if you look closely you can see the small indent where one screw is), also the shine of the can is different than a regular can. And lastly, the two stickers on the bottom of the can.

congratufuckinglations you found out that i am in fact not a human smaller than a pop can amazing  job

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